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What An Eye Opener!

September 23, 2010

For an instructor it is very important to distinguish between the styles of learners and how to adapt to those different styles in the way we teach. The last blog I asked if you would look at how individuals were communicating with each other. In this blog, we look at how individuals communicate and their style of learning.

What a blast watching people communicate.

  1. The first observation came from a mall where I was watching two individuals speak with a sales associate. They were both listening attentively and asking questions as the sales associate spoke and drew diagrams. They seemed unsure at first, but as the conversation continued, they were relaxed and laughed with the sales associate. Reminded me of the auditory and visual learners.
  2. The second observation was in a home improvement store where I witnessed an individual with an array of PVC pipe and connectors spread out on the aisle floor. The sales associate was handing different connectors and cutting the pipe to exact specifications. The customer was actually putting the pieces together to make sure everything fit. Reminded me of the kinesthetic learner.
  3. The last observation came from a monthly staff meeting. Colleagues were yawning and tuning out, seemingly un-phased with the information. The supervisor droned on in a monotone voice with little or no interaction with the staff, leading to boredom and disinterest. This type of interaction did not engage any learning style. Boring!

I observed many individuals using technology to communicate. Quick sound bytes and video bytes were the norm. The ways in which society and our students communicate and learn has changed, we as instructors have to be able to adapt and change to our students’ needs to be effective. Embrace the change; you will be a great instructor!