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Fantastic And Original Hunting Gift Ideas

December 6, 2011
by Brent McNamee

If you have a hunting enthusiast on your shopping list this year, then only fantastic hunting gifts will do! For passionate hunters, there is no better gift than a new toy to get him or her excited about getting out in the blind or in the treestand. To wind up your thinking gears, here are some great gift ideas to consider for that special hunter in your life.

Night Vision Binoculars

source: amazon

The deer come out at night, along with plenty of other critters that your hunter might like to observe. Make it easier for him or her to find game during the peak watch hours, a half hour before sunrise and a half hour after sunset, with the Night Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision binoculars. These 5x magnification binoculars with a minimum focus range of 6.6 feet, make this a great item for any hunter who enjoys scoping out their surroundings at night.

Protective AM/FM Headset


While hunters may need to use all their senses when stalking prey, they can still tune in to the outside world with a protective AM/FM headset. This headset features a noise reduction rating of 25 decibels to keep the sound level comfortable and safe. Two AA batteries will provide more than 250 hours of music and radio for their listening enjoyment.

Deluxe Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit


Guns need regular cleaning to keep them working properly. The Deluxe Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit is a three-piece universal brass cleaning rod that comes with eight different brushes. It can be used for a wide variety of hunting guns, helping to ensure that all your hunter's firearms are clean and functional.

Leatherman Super Tool 300


Forget about the regular pocket knife, even the boy scouts are drooling over this multi-tool. The Leatherman Super Tool 300 has nineteen different tools and can handle almost any job. It features everything from wire cutters to a bottle opener and can opener. Your hunter will never again have to search for pliers, because they’re conveniently located on this tool.

Bushnell Wireless Weather Station


The most avid hunters don’t care if it’s raining or snowing, they’ll still head for the great outdoors. However, they will enjoy knowing what to expect when they wake up on the morning of the big hunt. The Bushnell Wireless Weather Station is a clever contraption that is completely wireless and provides a three day forecast. No sensors are required, and the forecasts are updated every fifteen minutes. Wrap one up as a stocking stuffer so your hunter won’t have to complain about unexpected changes in the weather anymore.

Mossy Oak Camo Gift Wrap


It’s the finishing touches that make any gift truly special. While reindeer and snowmen may dominate paper this time of year, you can show your respect for your hunter's hobby by choosing camo gift wrap for his or her hunting gifts.

Caution: Hunting Stories Ahead


You can take a lighter note with a fun gag gift. Dress up your hunter’s workroom with these caution signs warning visitors that there are hunting stories ahead. The metal sign is the perfect size for hanging on a cabin door, hunting retreat or the wall of the garage.

Arrow Rack


Bring some sophistication to the hunting cabin with a stylish arrow rack. Providing storage for twelve arrows and two bows, it’s the perfect choice for the Robin Hood in your life. Classy and impressive, it announces to the world that you are proud to have a skilled hunter in the family. It will also encourage your hunter to get a little more organized.

Cowhide Fireplace Gloves


The thrill of the great outdoors is quickly lost if hands are burned while tending a fire. Protect your hunter by tossing these cowhide fireplace gloves in his or her stocking. Sparks from the fire will be repelled, making it easier for them to cook up some grub. Every time your hunter puts them on to keep their hands safe, they’ll be thanking you.

This year, embrace the hunter in your life by choosing gifts that make his or her hobby safer and more enjoyable. Have some fun with it by wrapping the treasures in camo paper and then sending your hunter on an indoor hunt. Or, simply use them as stocking stuffers. Regardless of the delivery method, your hunter is sure to be thrilled with this year’s gifts.