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Do You Really Understand Your Students?

September 9, 2010

Some would say that all you (the instructor) have to do is to tell your students what they need to know. Your students will understand and the woods will be safe forevermore.

In a perfect world, this would be true.

The task for any instructor is to understand how individuals communicate with their teachers, parents and friends. Once we understand the methods in which they communicate and learn, we can tailor any topic for Hunter Education to satisfy those needs. In doing so, instructors can provide a truly rewarding learning experience.

Conduct these simple exercises and we will follow up in upcoming blogs on what you have discovered in your travels.

  1. In what situations did you find individuals smiling and having great conversations?
  2. In what situations did you find individuals yawning or tuning out others?
  3. What electronic devices captivate and hold a person’s interest and for how long?

Looking forward to your comments.