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The Times, they are a Changing

December 16, 2010

I have been a member of the National Rifle Association for many years. I always smile when I reach into the mailbox and pull out the new issue of the American Hunter magazine. I enjoy reading all of the articles. In the December 2010 issue, the article that really caught my attention was an article by Lacey Biles, NRA-ILA Hunting Policy Liaison.

It appeared on pages 68 and 69 and was titled “Overhauling Hunter Education to Recruit the Next Generation”. Mr. Biles’ article is right on the money when it comes to online courses combined with hands on learning during field day activities. I have taught at field day activities and have discovered the students have a great time and have scored higher at the individual skill stations and the final exam. The students came to the field day with a higher level of understanding about hunter and firearm safety because the online course prepared them. It really does not get better than that!

As instructors, we need to combine the new technology with hands on skills learning. Check out Mr. Biles article by clicking on the link below.