Iowa Hunter Education Requirements

In order to purchase an Iowa hunting license, ALL hunters (including non-residents) must have completed an approved Hunter Education Course.

Iowa law requires that anyone born after January 1, 1972 must be certified in hunter education before they are eligible to purchase an Iowa hunting license.

A person who is 11 years old or older may enroll in a course, but those who are 11 and successfully complete the course shall be issued a certificate which becomes valid on that person's 12th birthday. Iowa residents under the age of 12 can be issued a deer or turkey license; however, a licensed adult hunter must accompany each youth hunter.

New Adult Online Only Course - Available July 1, 2013

Adults who have prior hunting or firearms handling experience and are looking to satisfy their hunter education requirement to purchase a hunting license will have a new option beginning July 1, 2013 - an adult online only course.

The adult online only course is available for any student who is 18 years of age and older. If an adult student takes the online option prior to July 1, 2013 they will either need to complete the required field day or retake the adult online only course on or after July 1, 2013.

Iowa Hunting License

A hunting license is required for anyone who hunts within the state. License fees vary according to the hunter's age and the type of license, and whether the hunter is an Iowa resident. For more information on Iowa Hunting Licenses, please consult the DNR website at

Additional Hunting
Permits and Tags

In addition to the required hunting license, you may need to purchase permits or tags depending on the species you are hunting and the area where you are hunting. You can find out more about these requirements when you purchase your hunting license, or you can visit the Iowa DNR Website for more information.

Iowa Hunter
Orange Requirement

A person shall not hunt deer with firearms unless the person is at the time wearing one or more of the following articles of visible, external apparel: A vest, coat, jacket, sweatshirt, sweater, shirt, or coveralls, the color and material of which shall be solid blaze orange. A person shall not hunt upland game birds, as defined by the department, unless the person is at the time wearing one or more of the following articles of visible, external apparel: A hat, cap, the color and material of which shall be at least fifty percent solid blaze orange. Upland birds include pheasants, quail, partridge, ruffed grouse, and woodcock.

Important Note

For a more complete listing of Iowa hunting license laws, hunting regulations, or hunter education requirements, please consult the Iowa Hunting Regulations page, available on the DNR website at