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How do I finalize my Hunter Education Training?

Students 17 years of age and under are required to attend a Classroom Session. You will review the material you learned online and take a written final test. Students who are 18 and older will be able to take the entire course online and then purchase their hunting license from the VA DGIF. Hunter Education Information.

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Over 1 million certified and counting … and here's what they're saying:

It helped me out a lot because I could never get off to take the classroom course. I am really glad to see this step taken for people to take the course online. Thank you very much, otherwise I probably would of never taken it. Thanks again. 2009-2011 Zoomerang Survey

In being new to hunting I learned so much more than expected while taking this course. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of hunter's safety, I also learned a lot of the basics and history behind hunting. I really enjoyed this course! 2009-2011 Zoomerang Survey

I feel very uncomfortable in a class room so this test online allowed me to be comfortable and relaxed, too so I could concentrate more on the test and not the people around me. I enjoyed the online course, thank you! 2009-2011 Zoomerang Survey

I really liked the animations, they helped me understand how things really worked and gain a deeper understanding. This course was great and I would recommend this to everyone. Thank you! 2009-2011 Zoomerang Survey

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HUNTERcourse.com is trusted by wildlife agencies across North America to deliver the highest level of hunter education. Our courses consistently receive the highest level of approval from agencies and from hunters.

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To start your Virginia Hunter Education certification, sign up for the appropriate course for your age. If you are 17 years of age or younger, select and sign up for the Youth Hunter course. If you 18 years of age or older, sign up for Online Only. A one-time course fee of $24.95 is collected for either course.

Once signed up, you'll study high quality course material that has been developed by hunter education experts. You'll get to use the best interactive exercises in the industry—exercises used by hunter education instructors in the classroom. And the best part? It’s free to study. You only pay when you pass.

the Course

To make sure you are comfortable with all of the information covered in the Virginia online hunter education course, you’ll need to pass a quiz at the end of each chapter. Don’t worry. If you don’t pass a quiz on your first attempt, you can always try again. What happens after you pass the online exam?

After passing the Youth Hunter course, you'll receive a Completion Voucher. This Voucher is your ticket to a Classroom Session where you will finalize your training and pass a final written exam.

If you are taking the Adult Hunter Online-Only option, you are now finished your hunter education training, and have earned your Virginia Hunter Education Certificate. You can now buy a hunting license.

Your Certification

If you are taking the Youth Hunter course, you now need to book and attend a 6-8 hour Classroom Session to finalize your training, pass your final written exam, and get your Virginia Hunter Safety Education Card.

Sign up for your Classroom Session at the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries website at www.dgif.virginia.gov.