Hunter Education Course Overview

The following are the required steps you need to take to obtain your SK Hunter Education Certificate.

1. Take the online hunter education course

Successfully complete this online hunter course to obtain your Student Report (your admission to the S.A.F.E. Final Hunter Education Exam). The cost of the online course is $28.50 + GST.

2. Schedule your final written exam and hands on practical with S.A.F.E.

After completing your online course, contact S.A.F.E. to register and schedule your final written exam and hands on practical.

3. Take the final exam and hands on practical from a S.A.F.E. instructor

Meet the S.A.F.E. instructor at the scheduled time to take your 100-question final exam and complete the hands on practical. The cost of the final exam is $20 (cash only, taxes included), which is paid to the instructor.

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