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How to Book your Texas Hunter Safety Field Day (16 and Under)

Once you have successfully completed the online hunter safety course you must register for a Field Day with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Once you have successfully completed all Field Day activities you will obtain a "Temporary" certificate good until your original Texas Hunter Education Certificate arrives from TPWD.

Field Days are conducted by TPWD-certified hunter safety instructors, and are expected to last about 4-8 hours. Activities at the Field day include live-fire exercises, a hunter skills trail with simulated hunting scenarios, a session on ethics, responsibilities and game laws, brief review of hunter safety topics, and a written final exam requiring an 80% to pass. As you participate in the Field Day, always remember to follow the rules of hunting and firearm safety.

To book a Field Day in your area, consult the Field Day schedule: Field days tend to fill up quickly, so it's important to plan ahead. Field Days are added to the schedule on a regular basis.

Texas charges a standard $15 student fee for any hunter education course, including Field Days. This fee must be paid to the instructor upon arrival at the Field Day, either in cash or as a money order. Occasionally, there are additional fees associated with the course, e.g. facility, building or range use fees.

You must bring a copy of your Field Day Voucher and a piece of valid identification to your Field Day. Youth under the age of 15 who do not have their own ID must have a parent or guardian attend the Field Day activities, and sign a release on their behalf.

To complete the hunter education requirements for Texas you must pass the online and Field Day portions of the hunter safety course.

Online-Only Certification for students 17 years of age and older

Once you have completed the entire online-only course process, which includes passing all chapter quizzes and the final exam, you’ll be required to make payment access your Texas Temporary Student Card. After payment, you will be able to print out your Certificate of Completion and your Texas Temporary Student Card. You must carry your temporary card with you at all times until you get your permanent card in the mail. remits $5.00 to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department per successful student who is 17 years of age and older.