How to Book Your Certification Exam

Once you have successfully passed your online Hunter Course, you must register for a Hunter Education Certification Exam.

For a listing of instructors/examiners in your area that you may contact directly to arrange a Certification Exam, please visit

You must bring a copy of your Certification Exam Voucher and a piece of government issued ID. Children who do not have their own ID may have their parents or guardians show ID on their behalf.

You must bring your voucher to the Certification Exam. There is an additional $15 cash fee that must be paid to the instructor at the class.

To complete the hunter education requirements for Manitoba, you must pass the online and Certification Exam portions of the hunter education course.

The Certification Exam will include practical firearm handling and knowledge testing by a certified instructor/examiner as well as a written test.

NOTE: There will be a pre-qualifying test when the student appears before the examiner to ensure the student has in fact personally completed the on-line testing. Anyone who does not pass this pre-qualifier, will have to do the on-line testing over and pay the entire fee again.