New York State Hunting Regulations

All hunters, regardless of age, are required to present either a Hunter Education Certificate or a previous hunting license to purchase a NYS hunting license.

*The NYS DEC honors hunter education certificates and sporting licenses from all other states and countries.

New York State Hunting License

New York State hunting licenses are issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation and offer a variety of ways to purchase your hunting licenses and permits.

There are different licenses offered, depending on the species you wish to hunt, and whether you are a New York State resident. Fees for hunting licenses also vary. Hunting licenses are valid from October 1st each year and expire on September 30th the following year. Contact the NYS DEC for more information on hunting licenses.

Minimum Age Requirements

Students are eligible to take the course at 11 years of age, but must wait until they are 12 years of age to purchase a hunting license.

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Hunter Orange Requirements

There is no law is New York State requiring hunters to wear hunter orange, but it is highly recommended as over 80% of big game hunters wear hunter orange.

Important Note

For a more complete listing of New York State’s hunting license laws, hunting regulations, or hunter education requirements, please consult the New York State Hunting Regulations, available directly from the Department of Environmental Conservation or online.