Field Day Info

How to Book your Nebraska Hunter Safety Field Day

Once you have completed the online portion of your hunter safety course you must attend the Field Day in order to finalize training to receive your Nebraska Hunter Education Certification.

The Field Day will consist of a written exam and a number of different hands-on activities. As you complete the Field Day activities, always remember the rules of firearm safety and safe firearms handling.

The Field Day is expected to take about 4-7 hours and is conducted by volunteer hunter education instructors.

To locate and sign up for a Field Day in your area, please visit the following website. You will not be admitted to the Field Day without a valid Field Day Certificate.

In order to obtain Nebraska Hunter Education Certification, you must pass both the online AND Field Day portions of the Hunter Safety Course.

Age Related Information for Field Days

Nebraska does not prevent attendance based on age; however:

  • Any child under 11 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian every session;
  • Those under 11 years of age will be required to complete the class in full following their eleventh birthday. Online registration is only available to those ages 11 and older;
  • At the first session, everyone under 18 years of age must give the instructor a signed, completed Parental Release Form (download, print, and sign);
  • All students under 19 years of age should be accompanied by a parent/guardian to the first session to ensure appropriate information is received on dates, sessions, and additional requirements.