Hunter Safety Course Overview

1. Take the online hunter education course

  • Free hunter safety study guide
  • Fully narrated and interactive
  • Visual aids in every exam question
  • Log in and out at any time - we keep track of your progress


it is strongly recommended that you book a Field Day in your area before taking the online hunter safety course. Please see the Hunter Safety Field Day page for more information.

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2. Purchase your Field Day Voucher

  • Cost: $24.95
  • Admission ticket into the Hunter Education Field Day
  • Secure online credit card payment (or contact us for other payment options)
  • Payment collected after you have passed the online course

3. Attend the Field Day

Get your Michigan Hunter Education Certificate!

  • Cost: Varies. (There may be a nominal fee charged by the instructor)
  • Includes hands-on exercises, review of material and written final exam
  • Pre-registration is required to attend the Field Day
  • More information on the Hunter Safety Field Day